Selena Crystal White Agate Coasters

Product code: SAC134


These beautiful white crystallized agate coasters are simply a stunning way to add an element of luxe to your décor. If you have been following Unka, you will know about our crystal obsessions and we are totally in love with these beauties!

Our stones are 100% natural agate. They are beautifully polished to reveal their organic patterns and also edged in a stunning rose gold finish.

*Sometimes the best creations are formed organically. Our 100% natural stone may present natural flaws in the product which means no two pieces are ever alike, but all equally beautiful with plenty of personalities.
These coasters can be purchased individually, as a pair or pack of x4. For stability and to avoid damage to your surfaces, we’ll include x4 rubber feet for each coaster in the package. These can be stuck to the coaster depending on your design preference.

Dimensions: Approx. 9-10cm

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